The garden

Three of the 4 sides of Villa di Masseto are surrounded by a magnificent Italian garden, as old as the house, and maintained over the years with constant care and dedication. The low boxwood hedges are positioned to create perfectly symmetrical flower beds which host large azaleas and other plants that decorate the whole area. The garden, with its current structure, is listed and protected by the national Belle Arti as a garden of historical interest and is therefore subject to landscape restrictions.

On the villa’s closest side to Le Scuderie, a magnificent rose garden, created by the current owner, which offers an infinite variety of colors and scents from spring to late autumn. Different varieties of roses have been added from year to year, from English roses to native ones to ensure continuous fluorescence in the summer.

Peonies, azaleas, hydrangeas and lemon trees frame the other sides of the villa together with the tall trees planted over the years by the previous owners. Also noteworthy is the luxuriant wisteria embracing the gazebo, which creates the perfect shade to enjoy al fresco dinners and lunches in the summer season.

In the lower part of the terraced garden, the elegant swimming pool, added in the early 2000s with the renovation of the house, opens onto a breathtaking view of the olive grove and the hills in front of the property.
A majestic willow dominates next to the pool’s gazebo offering shade and coolness on summer days while creating, with the long branches lightly touching the water, a romantic atmosphere.